52 Summer Date Night Ideas

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Spending time together is so important in relationships, but with the busyness of everyday life, finding time for a date night can get lost in the shuffle.  If you are wanting to rekindle some spark in your marriage or just get some time together without the kids, here is a great list of date night ideas to try.

Just a note, some of these ideas would be fun with the kiddos, but this is a date night – get a sitter and go have some adult fun!

Sporty Date Night Ideas

  1. Take a walk.
  2. Ride bikes together
  3. Rent a tandem bike (major trust exercise if you are in the back!)
  4. Go hiking
  5. Rent some kayaks or stand-up paddle boards at a nearby lake
  6. Run a race together
  7. See a minor (or major) league baseball game
  8. Rent a pontoon boat with a group of friends
  9. Take a mini-road trip to a new destination near by
  10. Go to the pool (without the kids) 🙂
  11. Take a gym class together
  12. Bowling
  13. Go to a rock gym (or take a rock climbing class)
  14. Play mini golf together
  15. try rollerblading/rollerskating

Foodie Date Night Ideas

  1. Visit a farmer's market
  2. Get dressed up and eat at a fancy restaurant
  3. Pick fruit or berries at a local “u-pick” orchard
  4. Take a cooking class
  5. Pack a picnic
  6. Get takeout from a new restaurant and have a picnic
  7. Try a “paint and sip” art class (super fun if you've never tried it)
  8. Have dinner at a new restaurant

Around Town Date Night Ideas

  1. See an outside movie
  2. Watch the fireworks cozied up on a blanket together
  3. See a comedy show (laughing together is so good!)
  4. Go to a concert
  5. Visit a local food/art/music festival
  6. Take a pottery throwing class (Ghost, anyone?!)
  7. Visit a local tourist attraction you've never been to
  8. Organize a game night with other parents (always a fun time)
  9. Visit a new museum
  10. Get a couples massage
  11. Play games at a local arcade (this is a personal favorite of ours, and cheap!)
  12. Go see a play or musical
  13. Browse a flea market
  14. Visit a state park near by
  15. Visit an amusement park
  16. Go to the county fair
  17. Check out (and participate in!) a karaoke night
  18. Play trivia at a local sports bar
  19. Test drive a car you could never afford
  20. Check out the local yard sales
  21. Play with the cats and dogs at a local animal shelter
  22. Visit residents of a local nursing home
  23. Volunteer together
  24. Go to the circus


At Home Date Night Ideas

  1. Play board games
  2. Do a marriage bible study together (this is our favorite – so fun!)
  3. Rent a Redbox and make some popcorn
  4. Play cards
  5. Make a “question jar” and take turns pulling out questions and answering them

Have fun spending some time together!

Did you try one of these activities?  How did it go?!  Do you have a favorite date night activity that you think other couples would enjoy?  Share it below in the comments!

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Got a Date Night coming up soon?  Here are over 50 Summer Date Night Ideas to try on your next Date Night.

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