Author: Surya

Getting kids to clean up without complaining

4 Tips for Getting Your Kids to Help Clean Up

Does your preschooler refuse to help clean up?  Do you find yourself wondering how in the world am I supposed to keep my house clean with all these toys everywhere? Are you searching for a way to get your kids to help keep your house clean? If you answered YES!, then you are in the right...

create custom slide sizes in powerpoint

How to Create a Custom Slide Size in PowerPoint

Today, I’ve got a quick video to show you how to create a custom slide size in PowerPoint.  This can be used to create any size you want, but I specifically show you how to create an office paper sized slide.  Now, you can create PDFs and printables to your heart’s content.  No special program...

Keep the toys organized in 3 simple steps

How to Ditch the Mess and Keep your Toys Organized

Toys, toys, toys.  How to keep your toys organized is something that so many families struggle with. Grandparents love to buy them.  Kids hate to put them away. So, we are left with a mess to keep tidy.  I am not the type of person who can keep up with super complicated systems or keeping...

Easy Tips to Save Money on Groceries

Saving Money on Groceries in 5 Easy Steps

Lately, I feel like grocery shopping has gotten so expensive!! I mean, I know we are buying more food as our girls get older and eat more, but still, our grocery bill is way more than it used to be! Tell me that I am not the only one who feels like this! Saving money...

how to write a blog post

How to Easily Write a Blog Post that People Want to Read

You hear it over and over….content is king!  You have to create amazing content to be a successful blogger.  But, trying to figure out what to include in a blog post can be overwhelming. You have to figure out how to write a blog post for search engine optimization (SEO) and what SEO techniques work...

how to stop yelling at your kids

How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids

Are you a yelling mom? Me, too!  :/ Being a mom is frustrating! It’s hectic, there is so much to remember, and how is it that my kids know exactly how to push my buttons?! Do you want to know how to stop yelling at your kids? Do you find yourself being so patient with everyone...

Side dishes can be easy with these great recipes

Quick and Easy Side Dishes for Busy Moms

“Ok, dinner is ready!” Ok, here is your chicken…mac & cheese….wait, where is the vegetable?  Didn’t I make a vegetable?! Ugh. We’ve all been there.  Nailed the main dish and forgot the veggie side dish. Or maybe you’re just sick of serving steamed broccoli AGAIN. Well, me, too, Mama!  So, I have gathered up over...

Use these resources to kickstart your new blog

The Most Fabulous Resources for Your New Blog

So, you’ve started a blog.  Or you’re thinking of starting a blog.  But, there is so much to think about! Hosting Plugins Courses Images The list goes on! Well, I am here to take a little bit of the information overload off of your hands.  Today, I am sharing my favorite resources I used (and...