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A Busy Mom Workout - The Commercial Break Workout. No more excuses! Get in shape while you watch your favorite TV show! And it really works!

The Commercial Break Workout

Are you a busy mom who wishes she could workout more regularly? Looking to lose the baby weight, but your kiddos always “need something” when you try to workout? Feel guilty after you watch a TV show because you could have used your time more productively? Never have time to do a workout? Mama, have...

PMS Symptoms can be tough to handle. Try this natural vitamin that helps combat tons of PMS Symptoms naturally!

The Natural Remedy for PMS Symptoms

Today, I want to share a wonderful discovery I made.  It’s called The Period Vitamin and it provides natural relief for period pains that so many of us experience over and over again.  Be sure to check out their website for more info or to order yours today.  Your body will thank you! What Is...

Stop the Poison Ivy Itch Naturally

Home Remedy to Stop The Itch!

*This post contains affiliate links. We recently moved to a location where poison ivy is very prevalent.  My little girls get bug bites and poison ivy like they are going out of style, so I wasn’t surprised when they both had a rash show up after a few weeks in our new locale.  We had...