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Getting kids to clean up without complaining

4 Tips for Getting Your Kids to Help Clean Up

Does your preschooler refuse to help clean up?  Do you find yourself wondering how in the world am I supposed to keep my house clean with all these toys everywhere? Are you searching for a way to get your kids to help keep your house clean? If you answered YES!, then you are in the right...

Keep the toys organized in 3 simple steps

How to Ditch the Mess and Keep your Toys Organized

Toys, toys, toys.  How to keep your toys organized is something that so many families struggle with. Grandparents love to buy them.  Kids hate to put them away. So, we are left with a mess to keep tidy.  I am not the type of person who can keep up with super complicated systems or keeping...

how to stop yelling at your kids

How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids

Are you a yelling mom? Me, too!  :/ Being a mom is frustrating! It’s hectic, there is so much to remember, and how is it that my kids know exactly how to push my buttons?! Do you want to know how to stop yelling at your kids? Do you find yourself being so patient with everyone...

Are you drowning in toys? Click to get tons of great gift ideas that you don't have to pick up!

15+ Gift Ideas That Aren’t Toys

The Toy Problem I love buying toys for my children.  I love when their eyes light up when they open a new toy and how excited they are to play with it.   But, you know what I don’t like?  Picking up the toys.   Then, one day I came across an article that...


The Best Way to Clean Up Your Child’s Artwork

*this post contains affiliate links.  See full disclosure here. Are you at your wits end with what to do with your child’s artwork? Do your kiddos like to color and do crafts as much as my girls?! I think my oldest colors about 12 pages a week! And Ahhhh! They pile up so fast....

Kids are sure to love this easy winter craft! The puffy paint snowman is an easy winter craft that can be done with items you already have around the house!

Easy Winter Craft – Puffy Paint Snowman

My girls love to do crafts.  LOVE to do them.  And most days I like getting them started.  But, sometimes I just need an easy craft.  And I love to do crafts centered around a holiday.  So, this easy winter craft that I am going to share with you today is great for both! I...

learning through play increases engagement. learn the alphabet through play with alphabet bingo!

Have Fun While Teaching Letter Recognition With Alphabet Bingo

*this post contains affiliate links. Before becoming a mother, I taught high school math.  So, I never taught very many “learning the ABCs” kind of activities.  My how life changes!  Now that I stay home with the pumpkins and my oldest just turned 5, we do ABC activities for all the time.  I love looking...


Alphabet Hide & Seek

*This post contains affiliate links. Do you have a child that is SO active they don’t want to sit still for anything?  That’s my middle pumpkin.  My oldest has had a very long attention span for sitting (reading, watching, learning, etc.) from a very young age, but my MP, not so much.  So, when we...


Christmas Activities for Busy Moms – DIY Candy Cane Ornament

You know when you spend minutes hours looking at Pinterest Christmas crafts and just keep thinking “Oh, I wish I had time to do cute Christmas crafts with my kids.”?  The holidays are so busy as it is, then through work, housework, meals, and everything else in and when do we have time to actually...