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Moms are busy. Making dinner should be easy. Now it can be with the three week dinner schedule.

How To Always Know What’s For Dinner

*This post contains affiliate links.  I will earn a commission if you buy something through the links in this post. Have you seen the Harry Potter movies where the food just magically appears in the bowls when it’s time to eat?  If only we could waive our magic wands and dinner would appear…wouldn’t that be...

A Busy Mom Workout - The Commercial Break Workout. No more excuses! Get in shape while you watch your favorite TV show! And it really works!

The Commercial Break Workout

Are you a busy mom who wishes she could workout more regularly? Looking to lose the baby weight, but your kiddos always “need something” when you try to workout? Feel guilty after you watch a TV show because you could have used your time more productively? Never have time to do a workout? Mama, have...