How to Create a Custom Slide Size in PowerPoint

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Today, I’ve got a quick video to show you how to create a custom slide size in PowerPoint.  This can be used to create any size you want, but I specifically show you how to create an office paper sized slide.  Now, you can create PDFs and printables to your heart’s content.  No special program required!
If you are running a blog, then you are probably creating opt ins, printables, and such.  There are a ton of programs out there that will let you create these products, but my favorite is PowerPoint.  I think PowerPoint is one of the most under-utilized programs there is when it comes to blogging.

Prefer to read?  The transcript is below. (but, seriously, the video is better!)

PowerPoint Custom Slide Size Transcript

Hi, this is Surya from The Busy Mom Club and today I’m going to be showing you how to create your own custom slide size in PowerPoint.
First, you will open up PowerPoint just like you normally would and you can click on a blank presentation.
You want to go to
>>>>slide size
>>>>custom slide size
We are going to make one you can use if you’re going to make a PDF or anything you want to print out: a worksheet, printable, planner, anything like that.
For this tutorial I’ll be doing a portrait, so portrait is taller than it is wide, so we’re gonna do 8.5 inches wide by 11 inches high.
I like to ensure (on the pop up screen) the fit so that you know you’re not making things off the side of the screen. Click OK and your slide size should change to look just like a sheet of office paper!
Then, you can take your text boxes and you know do everything that you want.  You can get rid of the pre-formatting if you want to and then you could design your PDF or worksheet however you like.
You can also do the same process if you want to make a landscape one you would just do 11 as the width and 8.5 as the height, but it’s pretty straightforward.
Then, when you save the presentation, it will just save the new slide size. If you add a new slide size in, it will automatically be in the new sizes that you specified.
end transcript

Here are some examples of what I have made using PowerPoint:

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I made every single one of these organizing printables in PowerPoint.


5 Easy Tips to Save Money on Groceries

You can also make social media graphics in PowerPoint.

The possibilities are endless, really!  Just a custom slide size in PowerPoint and a little creativity and BAM – the world is yours!  Well, not quite, but you really can do a lot in this gem of a program.

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create custom slide sizes in powerpoint


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