How to Easily Write a Blog Post that People Want to Read

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You hear it over and over….content is king!  You have to create amazing content to be a successful blogger.  But, trying to figure out what to include in a blog post can be overwhelming.

You have to figure out how to write a blog post for search engine optimization (SEO) and what SEO techniques work well for you.

You also have to figure out how to write a blog post, that includes all those things, that is still easy and fun to read!


When I first started writing as a blogger, I just wrote whatever came to mind and however it came to mind.  I would just write and BOOM, done!  I mean, you always hear “successful” bloggers saying “write how you talk” and “let your personality shine through”.  Yes, that’s good, but you also have to use some strategies and SEO techniques that will help your blog get seen.

And your content has to flow and make sense to your reader.

After fumbling around for a while, I created a blog post template to organize each post and get me started.  That really helped make writing a blog post and knowing what to include in each blog post so much easier.  I also created a content promotion checklist that I use after I publish a blog post. You gotta go tell people about the amazing content you just wrote, right?!

If you are in a writer’s block when it comes to knowing what to include in each blog post, then you are in the right spot.  Today, I am going to share my process for writing a blog post. I’ve also included a free blog post template and blog promotion checklist, so be sure to grab those while you’re here!

Use a blog post template to streamline content creation

Getting Started on a Blog Post

The first thing you do when you are writing a blog post, is to come up with a topic for the blog post!  (hopefully this was an obvious starting point)  There are a few ways to do this:

    • See what are some of the most popular posts from your competition
  • Use the Google and Pinterest search bars to find popular search topics related to your niche

Using keywords is a great search engine optimization technique.  It helps search engines know what your post is about and who to show it to.  Keyword tools can be expensive!  I’ve been using lately and am loving it.  You can do 5 free searches every 24 hours and it gives you great info on each term.  When you are thinking about what to include in each blog post, keywords are a must!

Will You Promote Anything on Your Blog Post?

Next, I like to think if there are any products that I sell or am an affiliate for that would be relevant to the topic of my blog post.  I’m not a big affiliate marketer, but I like to recommend products and services that I use and enjoy.  Gotta pay the blogging bills somehow, right?!

I then use my blog post template to start getting my ideas down on paper.  My blog post template also has a spot where you can write your keywords and relevant affiliate products, too.

So, think of 2 or 3 sub headings that you can use for your blog post, then write down a few details that you want to include in your blog post.  This makes it so much easier when you go to write you draft.  The words just flow out of your fingertips!

Start Writing the Blog Post

So, then, the next step is to write a draft of you blog post.  This is a draft, not a finished copy.  So, just write as it comes to you.  You can go back and edit later, but it is a good idea to just get the ideas down on “paper” and go back and tweak it later.

After you have your draft done, I like to let it sit for a day, maybe use that day to get your graphics and images done.  Then, I can come back to it and see if there is anything I need to update or change.  I know for me a lot of times I will think of something later in the evening after I have written my draft, so letting it sit gives my mind some time to go over it subconsciously.

blog post template and promotion checklist

free blog post template button

Images Help Break Up Your Blog Post

Then, you need to make sure you have some images to break up your post.  Reading an entire screen of just line after line is intimidating to the mind.  Break it up with pictures, an opt-in box, quote images, whatever.  You can take your own pictures or you can use a subscription site like storyblocks.  I have used them for several years and am very happy with the price and selection and quality of pictures.

Linking in Your Blog Post

Then, grab the links you want to link to.  These can be other blog posts that you have written, affiliate links, or external links that you want to link to.  I like to keep my affiliate links on my desktop using Sticky Notes on my PC.  It keeps them super handy.  And I use Yoast SEO plugin for interlinking.  It suggests posts to interlink to based on what your current blog post is about.

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Are You Building an Email List?

If you are building an email list (and most bloggers should be), then you will want to try to include a content upgrade or opt-in in your blog post as well.  This can be something as simple as a checklist or quick download that is relevant to the topic of the blog post.  In this blog post, I offer my blog post template and content promotion checklist as a content upgrade when readers sign up to my email list.

Don’t Forget an Awesome Title!

You also need a title for your blog post.  You might think, well, shouldn’t the title be at the beginning?  I like to wait until I am almost done before I brainstorm possible titles.  This way I know exactly what my post is about and what are some keywords I could pull out for the blog post title and social media images. I also use the headline analyzer form Coschedule (it’s free) to see how my headlines scores on emotion and power.

I suggest you brainstorm at least 5 title for each blog post.  This gets you really thinking about emotional words, power words, and how to grab your reader’s’ attention.  My first blog post title idea is almost never the one I end up using, so be sure to brainstorm a few before choosing the one that is best.

Then, you are ready to hit that publish button!  Congratulations, it is time to show your amazing content to the world!

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use a blog post template

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