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Side dishes can be easy with these great recipes

Quick and Easy Side Dishes for Busy Moms

“Ok, dinner is ready!” Ok, here is your chicken…mac & cheese….wait, where is the vegetable?  Didn’t I make a vegetable?! Ugh. We’ve all been there.  Nailed the main dish and forgot the veggie side dish. Or maybe you’re just sick of serving steamed broccoli AGAIN. Well, me, too, Mama!  So, I have gathered up over...

Moms are busy. Making dinner should be easy. Now it can be with the three week dinner schedule.

How To Always Know What’s For Dinner

*This post contains affiliate links.  I will earn a commission if you buy something through the links in this post. Have you seen the Harry Potter movies where the food just magically appears in the bowls when it’s time to eat?  If only we could waive our magic wands and dinner would appear…wouldn’t that be...